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About Us


    We are patients.  We use the medicine that we make.  With each and every batch the first question we ask ourselves, do we trust this medicine to treat our conditions?  We understand that many of our patients are fighting for their lives or at least some semblance of normal.  We do not accept average material.  We only accept the best.  If you review the test of our raw material, it is the highest quality.  It exceeds every known strain being promoted including Charlotte's Web.  Simply put this is the best Hemp Oil available anywhere.  We trust our lives with this oil every day.    Our latest test showed that our caps contain 88mgs of CBD each.  Well beyond the promised 50mgs.  http://www.purecbd.net/test-results/  We are always looking for ways to increase potency without raising prices.

  We use only the finest organic CBD Oil produced by using the highest standards. Every single ingredient is food grade. We take this medicine seriously and we are leading the way in research. Our oil is making a difference in the lives of our patients.  Seizures are stopping.  Cancer is going into remission.  People are recovering from serious disease.  We know exactly what is at stake every time we interface with a patient.  We will never accept that responsibility lightly.  We did not enter the marketplace to make a fast buck but to make sure that the sick have access to therapeutic grade hemp oil. We are leading activist fighting for the rights of patients. Please see our endorsements at the bottom of the page.   We stand by our products and have absolute faith in their effectiveness.  We are spending tens of thousands of dollars to insure that our farmers comply with our tough standards.  Your medicine is not mass produced.  Each batch is made by hand.  All material is hand selected and tested prior to its inclusion into any of our formulas.  The raw material in this batch tested at 11.18%  CBD.  This is before concentration. The oil is still purging in this photo. 

This oil concentrated to 45% CBD.  



Almost all of the CBD Oil being offered by our competitors is from China. It is made from the waste products of industrial hemp that has been grown in toxic earth.  Our products use only the finest organic harvest of exceptional quality. We have a lifetime of experience in Hemp and we are experts in our field.   Our oil is completely safe and free from contaminates.